Basement Project – Main Room Lights and Drywall

Ok, now we’re picking up steam! Turns out all it took was my wife taunting me about how slow the project was moving. I ended up using the same 5″ Halo cans and Sunlite LEDs for the main room lighting. The original plan called for 4-6 lights, but I ended up putting in 15. 🙂 The pictures below don’t show it, but I insulated the walls with unfaced fiberglass. You might notice the I’ve also installed a wall heater and thermostat. In fact, I ended up doing heaters and ‘stats in each room because it gets a little chilly down there in the winter. I used Cadet Com-Pak (bathroom) and Com-Pak Twin (gym and main room) wall heaters and Cadet/Honeywell TH106 thermostats. I wish I could find a line-level Z-wave thermostat!

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