Basement Project – Gym and Bathroom Progress

It’s been over three years since I posted anything about the basement. You’re probably thinking I gave up or got electrocuted. Let this post serve as proof that I am still a) chipping away at the basement and b) alive. I’ve been moving at a snail’s pace, but every few months I tick a box or two. I’m going to go back and document a few of the major milestones.

This post covers the work related to finishing off the drywall in the gym and bathroom. I also put down the rubber flooring in the gym. It was quite easy to work with and went down without any major headaches. Measure 40 times, cut once… you know the drill.

I’m using 1/2″ drywall all over, but went with a moisture resistant product in the bathroom. Usually it’s green, but mine is purple. I hired out the mud/tape/sand to an acquaintance that does/did a great job.

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