Basement Project: Plumbing Phase One

Now things are starting to get messy! I decided it would in everyone’s best interest if I hired a guy to cut up the basement floor… it’s a dirty job and requires some pretty fancy tools. They came in and cut up the floor in a few hours, leaving me with a soggy basement and a pile of concrete to move somewhere. I ended up wheelbarrowing the concrete outside, threw it in my tractor cart, then moved to my utility trailer, then to the dump. I believe it was over 1000 lbs of material.

With the floor excavated, the plumbers were able to rough in the effluent pump, shower, toilet, and the bathroom and bar sinks. A few inches of dirt were placed over the pipes and packed down. This will eventually be covered with a new 4″ of concrete. That job I will be tackling myself.

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