Basement Project: Let There Be Walls!

Once the Foamular 250 was installed and the adhesive dried, I was able to get started on the framing.  I started in the far left corner of the gym and worked my way around to the bathroom.  I’ve used a nailgun before, but this was my first time putting a wall together.   After watching this video, I had no problem getting my first wall put together and installed.  It was rinse, lather, repeat after that.  To anchor the bottom plate to the floor, I used a Ramset single-shot with 2 1/2″ drive pins and .22 caliber rounds (yellow).  Make sure you buy the specially-coated drive pins (green label) so they don’t react with the pressure-treated wood!

It’s not shown in the photos, but I went around and used Great Stuff foam along the back of the footer.  This sealed up the gap between the footer and foam insulation.

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