XBOX 360 Red Ring of Death Conquered

If you still have a first-generation XBOX 360 that hasn’t thrown a red ring in your face… you should go play the local lottery.  It seems there is a tremendously high failure rate for these units.  I thought I was one of the lucky ones until mine made a goofy noise and shut off on me.  I got up, turned it back on, and boom… red ring of death.  I resisted the urge to throw it out the window and, instead, turned to the Internet to figure out how to fix it.

iFixit saved the day once again with their XBOX 360 Fix Kit.  It’s rated as a “difficult” fix on their site, but if you have any experience with PC repair you should have no problems doing this job.  I’m happy to report that it completed solved my problems and my XBOX 360 is 100% functional.  Now, if someone could solve the airplane noises it makes that would be great.

XBOX 360 on the table

XBOX 360 on the table

Here’s a helpful video if you decide to tackle this job on your own:

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