Want a silent ring / alarm tone for your iPhone?

Here’s the problem: You want to set an alarm, but only have it vibrate instead of vibrate+ring.  Sounds easy, right?  Either I’ve overlooked it, or there isn’t a quick and easy way to create a silent ring tone on an iDevice.

Here’s the solution: Download this file.  Unzip it to wherever you unzip things, then add it to your Tones library in iTunes.  Go in to your device/sync settings in iTunes and make sure Tones are set to sync.  Once you sync, you’ll see a new tone named [in my case] “Silent” as an option when creating your alarm.

Note: The download is in zip format containing one m4r file.  You have my personal guarantee the file is safe to download and use.   Since we’re best friends, I know that guarantee means a LOT.  🙂

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