Bryan Paepke

PegPerego John Deere Gator HPX 9

Burn Some Plastic – 18v Gator Upgrade

Every kid loves a ride-on toy, right?  I would argue that most kids would also love a ride-on toy that smokes the tires without breaking a sweat.  My kids certainly have gotten a kick...

Plattsburgh FC Website 0


Plattsburgh F.C. and I go waaaay back.  I’ve redesigned their site a few times over the years, and this latest update tops them all.  The site is now built on top of the X Wordpress...

HTPC Cooling 0

HTPC Cooling v2.0

The HTPC is meant to be used and not heard; because who wants a noisy computer buzzing away while you’re watching a quiet movie? I took quiet a few steps to get mine running...

NH Winter Sunrise 0

NH Winter Sunrise

I came out of my house to find this view the other day. Ran back in to grab my camera and thankfully the sun and fog were still there. Thanks, Mr. Sun!

Sonos Connect:AMP 0


I’ve been a fan of Sonos products for quite a while now.   I started building my system a few years ago with a CONNECT hooked up to my Yamaha RX-V665.  I then picked...